Follow-Up Post: Dissecting the XD Triad

Post spam? Maybe, but I had a chance to rip apart the apparent failure that is the X-D Triad and check a few things out. While I haven’t drawn any useful conclusions, there are a few things that made me go “hmmm.” I’d tinker and test further, but it’s pouring out and very windy, so most tests would be moot in my tiny garage.

First things first, looking at the back of the “Squintyface” Triad before I just went drilling in to it, I noticed little grooves on either side of what is now seemed like a more loosely-fit back plate. “That’s new,” I thought to myself. “Maybe they’re clips?” Turns out they were. Nudging in my smallest flat-head screwdriver, I found out I could pry off the back plate entirely by accessing those two points.


However, if and when you do this, be super careful. The little clips are incredibly flimsy, and they bow in like below because I nearly snapped them off from the slightest nudging. Maybe the old “screw in from behind” technique is best after all.


Once you’ve got the back plate off, just take off Mr. Bill’s nose (hey, I see what I want to see) and you’re able to slide the AR assembly out.


This is where things get interesting. The design of the assembly has definitely changed to me, though I’m not sure how it’s affecting the function. To me, the springs seem like they’re actually weaker than those of the original Triad, but the shape of the assembly itself has definitely changed. I don’t know about you, but this odd “pylon”-like structure is a new one to my eyes.


From the top/front, though, it looks the same. The rubber seal at the end of the plunger tube also looks unchanged (excuse my flash).





All in all, we’re looking at some semi-interesting findings, but I have no freaking idea what they mean. ” Me no do de science. Me just hacka-hacka.” I’m quite convinced the new, slight change to the AR assembly is causing the resistant “hiss” and shitty range, but I’m so afraid of messing up the smart-tech that I don’t want to go blindly hacking away. However, these subtle changes are definitely associated with the poor performance, in my mind. Now we as a community just have to figure out how.

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